30-Day Holistic Weight loss Lifestyle Change Program

Discover secrets to Improving your Immune System Health


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The 30-day holistic lifestyle change program is designed to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes while introducing students to the  
nutritional needs of body. Emphasis is placed on the digestive system role in processing foods and nutrients.
Ideal for anyone interested in taking control of their health, improving immune function, and eliminating excess weight.
The program covers everything you need to develop healthy lifestyle habits and achieve sustainable weight loss.

What's Included?

  • This course includes 4 weekly instructor-led live interactive lectures with Q&A's 
  • Weekly program instructions with life-changing information 
  • User-friendly tools, videos, and downloads
  • Dietary assessments, customized nutritional plan, plus so much more 
  • Lifetime access to extensive wellness library
  • One 15 minutes personal coaching session
  • Greater understanding how your body functions
  • Make healthier food and nutrition choices
  • Improve immune system health
  • Lose excess weight or maintain optimal weight 
  • Minimize stress and the traumatic effects on the body
  • Better self-care 
  • Prepare healthy and tasty meals and desserts 
  • One year roadmap to record and track progress on the way to a healthier lifestyle
  • Certificate of completion


Martina Desgouttes

My name is Martina Desgouttes, president and founder of Healthy Explosion Enterprise Inc. I am a holistic health practitioner,  health education and promotion specialist, researcher,  nutrition coach, course creator and curriculum designer of individual, group, and corporate health and wellness programs for traditional classroom and virtual learning platforms under the Healthy Explosion brand. 

Healthy Explosion™ offers you the best in self-paced online natural health and wellness courses and programs. Course topics include diabetes, gluten free lifestyle, holistic weight loss lifestyle change program, adrenals, immune health, and healthy cooking.  Selected courses offer lifetime access.

                                                                                                               MY STORY    
Throughout my life I battled sickness and diseases. In late 2008 sickness once again attacked my body. This time attacking my immune system and ravaging my body’s natural defenses. Through the power of faith, focus, and persistence my immune system is restored. Such an undertaking required education in the functioning of my body through the study of nutrition biology. Due to the knowledge gained I am now able to detect changes in my body as they occur, allowing me to seek appropriate care. Addressing symptoms by early detection will prevent serious illnesses from going undetected and leading to severe if not fatal outcomes. I have also conquered obesity by losing more than half my body weight.

The knowledge I bring to healthy explosion is far greater than what I learned throughout my research, nutrition, and wellness studies. I became the subject of my studies. There is no greater way to be a blessing than to help others and no greater gift than imparting the gift of knowledge about our most valuable possession, a healthy body.            

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